This is a rough timeline for the content of my blog (The posts before are some old physics stuff):

Dec 2019- Mar 2020: This was the time when I just started setting up my blog for maths. The posts during this period are mostly about algebraic geometry, with a few other topics in homotopy and category theory. The book on algebraic geometry that I was working on is Foundations of Algebraic Geometry by Vakil.  It has many interesting exercises to explore. I was in the lecture Applied Scheme Theory at Warwick. I also wrote about things related to lectures and discussions with my fellows at that time.

Mar 2020- June 2020:  The topics for my posts became more random after the end of term 2. I was reading books randomly and learning other stuff, such as some basic real analysis and did many interesting exercises. They are interesting just because I like solving problems in whatever subjects. I occasionally wrote a post when I saw something that connects to my old memory or to my main interests.

June 2020- Now:  I found that the online textbook Kerodon has more content now and started reading some of them. I may post some of my thoughts as I read through this textbook in the future.


Jun 20, 2020