About Me

I’m obtained my MSc degree in maths from the University of Warwick (2019), interested in algebraic topology, homotopy theory, algebraic geometry and higher categories. The subfield I’m interested in is motivic homotopy theory. I previously was an undergraduate in maths and physics at the University of Manchester (2016-2018) during that time I was interested in theoretical physics and logic. I will start my PhD this autumn at UIUC. Besides maths, I play classical guitar. 

About the Blog

This is my blog which is used to share my random thoughts in maths. Most of my maths posts focus on proofs and details of specific questions. I made these posts when I want to take a break or want to get something organised. Just hope that occasionally someone may find them useful. I’m happy to hear from any feedback/erratas and suggestions. Please feel free to email me: likun.xie@warwick.ac.uk.

There are proofs to propositions that I have various thoughts on or proofs to some interesting exercises. Sometimes I organise a topic based on some interesting exercises. This is not meant to provide a “solution book” but to share the interesting points I see from these exercises. 

My posts are mostly made during my reading or learning process which changes along time. Here is a timeline for the content of my posts: Timeline.