Hi, my name is Likun Xie. I’m a third year PhD student in UIUC. I’m interested in commutative algebra, algebraic K-theory and number theory. Previously I studied maths in the University of Warwick (2019), maths and physics in the University of Manchester (2016-2018).

Besides maths, I like to self-analyze minds, sometimes with the inspiration from other philosophers and psychologists. I also play the classical guitar. I love its warm, beautiful and touching sound, varying tones and polyphony. My best friend is bear.

This blog is for some casual maths writing or some thoughts in daily life. I try to make sure my writing in maths is as careful as I can. If you see any errors or typos, or you have any thoughts or suggestions that you’d like to share, please let me know! You can reach me either by email or comment on my blog.

This blog has recently changed theme to focus more on commutative algebra!

Suggesting a Topic

Please feel free to suggest me some topics. You can contact me using the form below. It can be either maths or non-maths. For non-maths topics, there are usually no simply right or wrong answers, but I’d always be happy to think and share my thoughts from my perspectives.

Sep 17, 2022