Bach on the Classical Guitar

Bach didn’t compose for the guitar. The pieces in this collection are some arrangements which are now standard repertoires for the classical guitar.

Ana Vidovic plays Prelude BWV 998 by J. S. Bach on a classical guitar – guitare classique

Johann Sebastian Bach — Prelude in E major BWV 1006a — Mateusz Kowalski:

Chaconne in d minor by J.S.Bach (Arr. John Feeley):

Marcelo Kayath – Gigue & Double – Suite BWV 997 A Minor – Bach:

Johannes Monno spielt Johann Sebastian Bach: Fuge BWV 997:

Błażej Sudnikowicz plays Bach Partita No. 1 BWV 825:

J.S.Bach, Prelude BWV 997 played by Thu Le, classical guitar:

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